Raum und Material – Lüling Sauer Architekten konzipiert und realisiert anspruchsvolle, individuelle und nachhaltige Architektur.
Besucherzentrum Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, Berlin 2013

The existing visitor center houses lectures and guided tours providing information about the work of the Ministry. The client wanted to update the former basic interior with a contemporary light and friendly atmosphere. We developed scenarios for situations like "welcoming", "lecturing", "handing out information" or "visiting the central atrium". These changing scenarios are met by moving semitransparent curtains which give a soft and playful atmosphere to the space. Due to a small budget, the interior was modified by simple white textiles with gradiating stripes of blue that highlight points of action in the space. The digitally printed blue gradiation refers to the corporate colour of the ministry. By changing the position of the curtains not only the spatial atmosphere is altered during a visit, but also brochure racks or wardrobe stands can be hidden and revealed only when needed. Material, colour and movement become main elements of the design scheme.

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Besucherzentrum Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, Berlin 2013, Innenraumgestaltung

Auftraggeber: marqueur GmbH, Berlin

Projektleitung: Christiane Sauer, 2013
Team: Tina Bischoff, Anna Kasper

LP 1-9

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